Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adelaide Central Market AND New Meat supplier

Hubby and I decided to go to the organic fruit and veggie shops at the Adelaide Central Markets to check things out.
I must say I was a little disappointed with the quality of the produce, very hit and miss in the particular shop we went in - it was also very expensive. So we bought our produce and headed round the different stalls where we discovered several stalls with fantastic quality produce for about the same prices - why didn't we just go there!?!
This trip wasn't to find a supplier because it is inhibitive to travel to the city everytime I need veggies but to try what was on offer.
Our most interesting discovery was a butcher which had Barossa Farm Produce chickens by Saskia Beer, they were free range AND chemical, hormone and antibiotic free - and the price was pretty good too. So we bought a whole chicken and chicken breasts and headed home with much excitement. Perhaps there is more produce out there - we just have to ask!
So I did.
I rang Barossa Farm Produce and asked who stocks their produce and if they know of anywhere that sell the red meats we are after also. Well I could just kiss her! She instructed me that Feast! Fine Foods stocks their produce and EXACTLY what we were after. She is telling me the closest one is in Norwood, hmmm not to bad.
So, I check out the website and *shock horror* there is a Feast! 3kms from my house!
Amazing you can find what you want when you ask some questions!
I am on cloud nine right now....must call Crystal...