Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eating Organic Meat

Dinner tonight was with my first purchase of 'ethically produced' meat. I bought Chicken to make Enchiladas. It was pretty expensive, but I realised with this meal, the meat was the main dish basically.
I can honestly say, the chicken really did seem different, not as fatty when cutting it, not as slippery and I kind of felt 'happier' when I was eating it. Don't think my partner can really tell the difference, but he's just eating the food!! Tomorrow night is Spag Bog with grass fed mince. Can't wait!
Suppose I should post the recipe....

Friday, June 11, 2010

First visit to Feast! Fine Foods

I did my grocery shopping this week - much lighter without all the processed foods, but it felt like forever reading the labels to see what is least processed etc -  I got to the last aisle looked at my trolley and wondered what I had been doing for the last 2 hours!!
Anyway I went to the butcher and started taking it all in - I hear a lovely 'hello' and I meet a lady affectionately called "nanna" by the other staff.
She told me she was new and still learning so I bought mainly based on the things she was sure about. We got chatting and she told me she has been on a diet for a few weeks and only lost a couple of kilos, I started telling her our story of wanting to eat like our grandparents and she shared some wonderful anecdotal snippets from her childhood. Neither of her parents were fat - yet when her mum cook chops in the pan WITH DRIPPING her and her dad would come and mop up the fatty meat flavoured leftovers with bread! Even she said she can't understand why she looks this way and proceeded to tell me she had only 2 cruskits with avocado for lunch - blerk! How boring.
For one thing no one can say we aren't trying - women especially. The crap we *torture* ourselves with to be healthy and a healthy weight is ridiculous!
Our grandparents never tortured themselves, they ate well, with pleasure and without guilt.
I for one would love to go through life never seeing a cruskit or rice cake again.
Even if I don't lose any weight - I would be happy to stay the same if it meant eating good, whole food without guilt. Just a subnote though I have lost 2 kilos...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Food Inc - movie

hmmmm...what can I it!!
It really makes you think, feel and take action.
We all 'really' know how animals are treated, we just keep it way, way back in our minds. But this movie really shows you how unethically animals are being treated, before they get slaughtered and sent to our plates.
Besides this being one focus point in the movie, it also shows how the meat is treated after its been killed. This is almost scarier, as cows for example are sent to slaughter covered in their own faeces, it doesn't get washed off!! It basically goes straight into our beef hamburgers! Oh but wait, they wash the meat in chlorine and amonia to clean it! mmmmm tasty.
Then my partner walks in with maccas in his hand, and I'm balling my eyes out!! Organic chicken was on the menu tonight.
Please watch this movie...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Demonised 'real' foods...

Was just thinking now about some of the natural foods which have been 'blacklisted' for one reason or another...

Avocados springs to mind as 'too much fat', hmmm I LOVE avos and since beginning this journey a few weeks ago I put them on my 'approved' list. Since they are cheap at the moment I am having one almost everyday! I have possibly noticed a difference to my skin (which could also be due to the journey we are on too) it seems smoother and plumper, not so rough/dry to the touch.

Eggs are another 'too high in cholesterol' yet they are also high in protein which makes you feel full so, what a great breakfast!!!

Milk is one I have mentioned before, processing has probably removed the magic that made milk so healthy. Have you noticed they are adding things to milk now? Additional calcium - is that because you processed it all out? Omega 3 - if the cows were free range eating grass, milk 'should' already be rich in omega 3.
...and just on omega 3 did you know that cows who eat grains produce meat rich in omega 6 (bad) and cows who eat grass produce meat rich in omega 3? I saw that on catalyst can also google it!

Cheese, cream, fact most dairy has a bad wrap now! But why? We ate this for centuries without western diseases. Could it be what we are feeding the animals now changes the structure of the products we produce? This is why I am going to organics - although it is not simple, it is 'simpler' like what you used to get many years ago.

Tuna got the ol' 'high in mercury' label but again been eating it for years - just because we 'know' something doesn't mean we demonise it.

Meats - have had sooo much fat removed to make them 'lean' they are basically tasteless in my opinion, dry bits of cardboard we punish ourselves with in our quest to be healthy. What perplexes me though is why they are eating grains to fatten them up, subsequently make the meat Omega 6 rich then leaning the meat up to make it healthy? We are punishing ourselves with lean meat that is STILL bad for us.
This link will tell you the benefits of grass fed beef (it is even lower in calories!!)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fruit and Vegetables

This is a hard one for me at the moment - I want to buy organic but it just isn't that convenient right now.
So I have decided, when I happen to see it I will buy as a preference but until I have transitioned the panty into the "pantry from heaven" I am not going to give myself any additional worry of finding an organic fruit and veg shop.
We do have a supplier who we are going to use at Lewiston called Joyeata Organics who deliver anywhere in Adelaide metro for $5.00 anyday of the week! Except for the lucky buggers in Gawler who get free delivery. But I want to get a lot more stock from them anyway so while I can find stuff in the supermarket and close by I will transition to wholefoods this way.
So for now while I am still learning - fruit and vegetables will probably be my last transition. I may change my mind in a week's time. Who knows?!?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Not so hungry

I just noticed something today. Because I am drinking milk again I am not snacking.
Seems the western world switch from milk and water to soft drink may have made us hungry.
Why don't we drink milk anymore? I must admit even when I had the agreeable lactose free milk I NEVER poured and glass of milk more than say, once a month.
Did you know there is actual cream in my milk!?!
It seems that by making milk skim or fat free we have decided milk is unhealthy as an everyday drink - maybe we should start getting friendly with milk again. The organic stuff is as natural as you can get!
So why are we more likely to pour a glass of diet soft drink instead of full cream milk?
Along with the discovery of vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, etc we have 'demonised' certain ingredients rather than just appreciating that people have been eating this stuff for centuries without diabetes, heart disease and an obesity epidemic!
My interpretation as a lay person is that in our hast to 'discover' what was in our food and then manufacturing food with the 'good bits' added to them - we have lost the balance of nature.
What makes a carrot a carrot? You can't just 'take' those components and add them to another food to make them healthier - just eat a friggen carrot!
Check out this webpage for some information on the benefits of milk