Friday, June 11, 2010

First visit to Feast! Fine Foods

I did my grocery shopping this week - much lighter without all the processed foods, but it felt like forever reading the labels to see what is least processed etc -  I got to the last aisle looked at my trolley and wondered what I had been doing for the last 2 hours!!
Anyway I went to the butcher and started taking it all in - I hear a lovely 'hello' and I meet a lady affectionately called "nanna" by the other staff.
She told me she was new and still learning so I bought mainly based on the things she was sure about. We got chatting and she told me she has been on a diet for a few weeks and only lost a couple of kilos, I started telling her our story of wanting to eat like our grandparents and she shared some wonderful anecdotal snippets from her childhood. Neither of her parents were fat - yet when her mum cook chops in the pan WITH DRIPPING her and her dad would come and mop up the fatty meat flavoured leftovers with bread! Even she said she can't understand why she looks this way and proceeded to tell me she had only 2 cruskits with avocado for lunch - blerk! How boring.
For one thing no one can say we aren't trying - women especially. The crap we *torture* ourselves with to be healthy and a healthy weight is ridiculous!
Our grandparents never tortured themselves, they ate well, with pleasure and without guilt.
I for one would love to go through life never seeing a cruskit or rice cake again.
Even if I don't lose any weight - I would be happy to stay the same if it meant eating good, whole food without guilt. Just a subnote though I have lost 2 kilos...

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