Sunday, June 6, 2010

Not so hungry

I just noticed something today. Because I am drinking milk again I am not snacking.
Seems the western world switch from milk and water to soft drink may have made us hungry.
Why don't we drink milk anymore? I must admit even when I had the agreeable lactose free milk I NEVER poured and glass of milk more than say, once a month.
Did you know there is actual cream in my milk!?!
It seems that by making milk skim or fat free we have decided milk is unhealthy as an everyday drink - maybe we should start getting friendly with milk again. The organic stuff is as natural as you can get!
So why are we more likely to pour a glass of diet soft drink instead of full cream milk?
Along with the discovery of vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, etc we have 'demonised' certain ingredients rather than just appreciating that people have been eating this stuff for centuries without diabetes, heart disease and an obesity epidemic!
My interpretation as a lay person is that in our hast to 'discover' what was in our food and then manufacturing food with the 'good bits' added to them - we have lost the balance of nature.
What makes a carrot a carrot? You can't just 'take' those components and add them to another food to make them healthier - just eat a friggen carrot!
Check out this webpage for some information on the benefits of milk

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