Monday, June 7, 2010

Fruit and Vegetables

This is a hard one for me at the moment - I want to buy organic but it just isn't that convenient right now.
So I have decided, when I happen to see it I will buy as a preference but until I have transitioned the panty into the "pantry from heaven" I am not going to give myself any additional worry of finding an organic fruit and veg shop.
We do have a supplier who we are going to use at Lewiston called Joyeata Organics who deliver anywhere in Adelaide metro for $5.00 anyday of the week! Except for the lucky buggers in Gawler who get free delivery. But I want to get a lot more stock from them anyway so while I can find stuff in the supermarket and close by I will transition to wholefoods this way.
So for now while I am still learning - fruit and vegetables will probably be my last transition. I may change my mind in a week's time. Who knows?!?

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