Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Demonised 'real' foods...

Was just thinking now about some of the natural foods which have been 'blacklisted' for one reason or another...

Avocados springs to mind as 'too much fat', hmmm I LOVE avos and since beginning this journey a few weeks ago I put them on my 'approved' list. Since they are cheap at the moment I am having one almost everyday! I have possibly noticed a difference to my skin (which could also be due to the journey we are on too) it seems smoother and plumper, not so rough/dry to the touch.

Eggs are another 'too high in cholesterol' yet they are also high in protein which makes you feel full so, what a great breakfast!!!

Milk is one I have mentioned before, processing has probably removed the magic that made milk so healthy. Have you noticed they are adding things to milk now? Additional calcium - is that because you processed it all out? Omega 3 - if the cows were free range eating grass, milk 'should' already be rich in omega 3.
...and just on omega 3 did you know that cows who eat grains produce meat rich in omega 6 (bad) and cows who eat grass produce meat rich in omega 3? I saw that on catalyst once...you can also google it!

Cheese, cream, butter...in fact most dairy has a bad wrap now! But why? We ate this for centuries without western diseases. Could it be what we are feeding the animals now changes the structure of the products we produce? This is why I am going to organics - although it is not simple, it is 'simpler' like what you used to get many years ago.

Tuna got the ol' 'high in mercury' label but again been eating it for years - just because we 'know' something doesn't mean we demonise it.

Meats - have had sooo much fat removed to make them 'lean' they are basically tasteless in my opinion, dry bits of cardboard we punish ourselves with in our quest to be healthy. What perplexes me though is why they are eating grains to fatten them up, subsequently make the meat Omega 6 rich then leaning the meat up to make it healthy? We are punishing ourselves with lean meat that is STILL bad for us.
This link will tell you the benefits of grass fed beef (it is even lower in calories!!) http://www.eatwild.com/healthbenefits.htm

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