Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Food Inc - movie

hmmmm...what can I it!!
It really makes you think, feel and take action.
We all 'really' know how animals are treated, we just keep it way, way back in our minds. But this movie really shows you how unethically animals are being treated, before they get slaughtered and sent to our plates.
Besides this being one focus point in the movie, it also shows how the meat is treated after its been killed. This is almost scarier, as cows for example are sent to slaughter covered in their own faeces, it doesn't get washed off!! It basically goes straight into our beef hamburgers! Oh but wait, they wash the meat in chlorine and amonia to clean it! mmmmm tasty.
Then my partner walks in with maccas in his hand, and I'm balling my eyes out!! Organic chicken was on the menu tonight.
Please watch this movie...

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