Saturday, June 5, 2010

The HARDEST blow to my sanity

I realised I don't drink anything except soft drink! The diet stuff of course I don't want the "unhealthy" stuff - WTF?? There we all go again demonising sugar as the bad guy - but have you looked at the rest of the ingredients on the label? We may think we know what sugar does but perhaps it only does that when combined with the rest of the additives?

I swear I went through withdrawls! I even did a stupid little protest where I just didn't drink anything for a day - idiot. So I got forced to drink water again and the occasional cordial (which I will make myself when this one runs out). I thought I hated water, apparently it was more along the lines of 'why would I drink water when I have soft drink I have paid for?' - therein lies the problem.
Stop buying it and you won't feel guilty for wasting it!
Funny though since I got rid of soft drink I enjoy it more, as a treat when I go out - go figure.

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