Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Real" Camping with extras

So went camping at Mt Crawford, I mean "real" camping...
No electricity and a long drop for a toilet! It was awesome fun and we'll be doing it again!!
So I went camping with family and family friends. The couple's names were Allan and Ray. This is very interesting because it seems since I've started taking this new path of Organic and whole foods, information seems to fall into my lap.
This couple, I found out, are Organic eaters and are growing Bio-dynamic vegies in their garden. "What's Bio-dynamic, exactly?" I ask.
The way I understand it is, the vegies are grown with compost preparations, only a few times a year. The vegies also have an inground worm farm! I had a fantastic chat with Ray mainly and has made me really consider a type of worm farm or compost bin.

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