Friday, June 4, 2010

The pantry from heaven

I am a nut when it comes to home magazines, I am like the hoarder lady with newspapers from the 50s (I think I can tear out what I want when I get the chance)
Anyhoo I saw the most *perfect* pantry!! All neatly lined up storage jars and tupperware filled with all sorts of food - then I wondered why my pantry doesn't look like this...

Then I started thinking about pantrys in general, is it just me or have they gotten bigger over the years?
I seems that with highly processed foods that last forever, we need somewhere to put them!
Have we become obsessed with choice? Why do we need 8 different cereals when we have even more choices than that for breakfast anyway? Eggs, toast, baked beans and 8 different cereals - and if you are one of those familys who buys more than this, your pantry must be huge!!!
I studied the items in this 'perfect pantry', not a processed food in sight! There was no glass jar filled with poptarts or packets of recipe bases. It was flour, sugar, beans, muesli, spices - catch my drift?
Look in your own pantry and imagine what it would look like if you took out all the processed foods...
pretty empty huh?

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