Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The purge

ewww not that kind of purge!
I have been wondering how I am going to get rid of the 'edible food like substances' from my pantry and fridge and decided to cook with them, one by one.
So it began with a lasagne which I used up the last of my instant cheese sauce. While stirring the mix I thought I might take a look at the label - *face palm*!
The only ingredient that WASN'T in the cheese sauce was CHEESE! The closest it came was 'cheese flavoured powder' - is that cheese?
I'm going to go with...no.

Something I have come to notice while looking for my next pantry victim is all the 'once only' use stuff I have in there. I came to realise that a lot of the recipes I cook from need a 'tablespoon of this' generally from a large jar - what the hell are we supposed to do with the rest of the jar?!
Talk about a waste of money - and food! Those jars are a couple of dollars each - so what am I teaching my family about cooking? "Take what you need, don't worry about the price, throw the rest away"
urgh! I never thought of my pantry or cooking in this way, I think I realise now this type of cooking should only be reserved for special occasions or special guests.
I am starting to see the bigger picture.

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