Monday, May 31, 2010

Cleopatra is not not the only one who loves milk!

I have been drinking lactose free milk for years - anytime I try the full stuff I have shocking cramps and get full of gas. So I heard a lot of people have been able to drink A2 milk because of the high levels of A2 beta casein milk protein - while this product is not organic, you must understand this is not what we are trying to do.
We are just trying to eat the types of foods and quality of foods that would have been available to our grandparents.
So I gave it a try and not the 'unleaded' skim version - the full cream stuff!
I was totally concerned for my guts and the greenhouse gas emissions which may have resulted from the full cream experience...this was not the case
Not even a gurgle! A rumble? NOPE
That was my cereal experiment - all seems good.
The *real* test would be if I could drink a glass of the stuff on an empty stomach.
Day 2 - 1 glass of milk + no breakfast (till a bit later) = again! no problem.
To say I am shocked is an understatement. I have now gone a bit milk crazy - and finished the 2 litres very quickly.
I decide to try the Organic stuff and purchase B D Farm Paris Creek organic and biodynamic full cream milk - no worries.
I am now concerned as to what is in our 'normal' supermarket milk which makes me feel so bad?!?
I guess I will never know, but from now on I am a full cream milk drinker!!
I am like an addict now, I can't wait for my next glass...

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