Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Have we forgotten the science of cooking?

I tried to make my first batch of mayonnaise today, hmm not so good. I took the recipe from masterchef because it uses a whole egg rather than the egg yolk because I was using the food processer to make it. (I have heard you can't hand whisk mayonnaise with a whole egg and dito on the egg yolk for food processer)
All the elements came together perfectly the thickness was exactly what I wanted - but, on tasting it had a 'wrongness' about the flavour, then I noticed the vegetable oil was 2 months past its used by and decided that was the problem.
Batch 2: with no vegetable oil I decided to try the recipe with olive oil like EVERY modern recipe says. I can't help thinking I have heard somewhere (probably from a wrinkly) that one should never use olive oil because the flavours are all wrong!
I made it anyway, again it had that 'wrongness' so this is the point I thought "I have no idea how to fix this" this I where I think I realised this generation has forgotten the science of cooking. Older generations would have a solution depending on the flavour - they would add a pinch of sugar or decide the mayonnaise needs more mustard. I have noooo idea so I added a pinch of sugar, yeah not sure if it helped but it didn't hurt. Then a bit more mustard - same result, think it may be a little better. The problem is I could be doing the right thing just in the wrong amount OR I am way off base, who knows.
In the end it was *ok* so I put it in my little sterilised jar and in the fridge.
I had some on a sandwich for lunch and it did the job - but not perfect
I am going to put the recipe under 'condiment recipes' please try it for yourself and see if ANYONE can fix it!?! Better yet grab a wrinkly without Alzheimer's and get them to give you the perfect 'food processer' mayonnaise recipe.
:leave any hints under comments section of recipes

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