Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So I bought a bike

green pedal power PLUS exercise!
funny story though as I can't actually ride a bike - apparently I learnt (sort of) as a kid and in my Mum's words "sucked" at it.
So I have gone all out and bought a beautiful bike that I was unsure if I could actually ride - but how hard could it be?
I *can* ride a fitness bike, right?
That was a joke which had a very dear friend in fits of laughter, we used to go to the gym together and one day told her I couldn't ride a bike - she just about we herself laughing as I got on the stationary bike offering me helmuts to crash mats...just in case I fell off. Who needs enemys when you have friends like that! ;)

So I have this lovely bike which my dad helped me select (he is an avid cyclist) and we are on the street teaching me to ride - jokes about training wheels aside - my poor Dad is holding the seat of the bike and pushing me up the hill till I get some momentum mumbling "this brings back memories"

I am off! Up the hill, doing fine, shit...I have to turn around.
I look back for cars and see the terrified faces of my Dad and Stepmum as I wobble turn the bike around (without falling off!) YAY!!! does that mean I am a pro yet?

Long story short I *can* now ride a bike (I had faith in me!) just need a bit of practice before I hitch the kiddies trailer on the back and start riding to the library or the shops.
Good thing about taking the kids in the trailer is, if they are under the age of 12 you can ride on the footpath. Much safer for us....and any vehicles *I* am likely to hit

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