Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adelaide Showgrounds Farmer's Market

Well, what can I say?!? I have died and gone to food shopping heaven!
My sister our friend and our babies all ventured out one fine sunday morning to this market that I had heard about on the grapevine but had never visited (right down to the strange fact that I have been on their mailing list for over a year!)
What we found was a beautifully organised food shopping experience.
The entrance area served breakfasts/lunches and coffee with families and friends eating together and chatting - wow I couldn't wait to get in the door, this place is popular! so it *must* be good!

The first stall I encounter is selling Australian native bush flavoured ice cream, flavours like macadamia and lemon myrtle mmmmmmmmmmm *drool*
The next is selling organic wines....yes we got to taste them all! Next is homemade cordial with the *exact* same ingredients as my recipe (click on condiment recipes)
The entire market *is* wholefoods - some organic others just homegrown and homemade with ingredients you would find in a human's pantry :)

I did my weekly shopping and it was surprisingly cheap! One of the big benefits of heading out to a farmers market - especially as a family - it you have the ability to share bulk purchases
Crystal and I went halves in a 30 tray of organic eggs with worked out to about $3.50 for 15 eggs, now for organic eggs that *is* a bargain!

Us girls returned home to watch a scary movie and polish off out latest organic wine purchases


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