Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grandma's recipe books

I was quizzing my 86 year old grandmother (who is/was the queen of kitchen management and cooking) about how she used to make her gorgeous lamb curry - but being an old lady (and actually knowing how to cook) she told me that she can't remember exactly and besides "it used to change depending on the ingredients I had available", Urgh!

Damn you people who can cook!

All was not lost though...because she doesn't cook very much anymore she said she probably has a couple of cookbooks in the cupboard that I can have....there's me thinking "yeah whatever probably crap ones, I have tonnes of cookbooks each one having 'one' good recipe!"
So about a week later I am there for her birthday and suddenly remember the promise of cookbooks! On hands and knees trawling through the back of the cupboard I come across some *uuuuuuugly!* looking cookbooks, "thanks grandma" I say with as much excitement as I can muster and take them home


They are *faaaaantastic*!!!!!! Needless to say grandma got a much more excited telephone call to say "thank you VERY much"!

They are filled with 'normal' recipes, using stuff from the cupboard and no 'one teaspoon' from a large jar of processed condiments! Oh relief - this is *exactly* what I have been looking for!

Be prepared for many, many more recipes to feed your family!

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