Sunday, August 8, 2010

Remember this from school?

I know that when I was in school we learnt about the healthy food pyramid, so I decided to have a little look at it now - with the journey in mind....
Notice the 'eat most' section? Atkins would have a heart attack! Look at all those 'naughty' carbs!!
Well thinking back to an earlier blog I did about the demonising of many 'real' foods and can probably add carbs to that as well.
I question though whether this is because of the 'Atkins' movement or because manufacturers have added too much sugar, preservatives etc that this has now become a bad food. In the real world I remember we always used to have a slice of bread with dinner (to mop up the gravy, duh!) and potatos were on the menu too. Carbs help fill you up and the lack of them now days probably makes us snack a lot more - generally on sugar for that quick, replacement 'carb hit'.
While I emplore you to buy wholegrain and wholemeal rather than white (that does defeat the purpose) and don't be fooled into buying white carbs trying to masquerade as brown (eg. added fibre, omega 3 etc) it all adds to the processing of the foods away from their natural state.
Perhaps buy from an actual bakery? Consider making your own pasta? Add some pearl barley or beans to your soups of casseroles to increase the good carbs AND make it a more filling meal.
Heaven knows, if we start adding in some good carbs perhaps we will all start eating less of the bad ones. Remember if you start demonising certain foods, you give another a free pass...but at what cost?

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