Sunday, July 18, 2010

What to serve a friend for lunch?

So I had a darling friend come over for a 'ladies lunch' which is code for '2 bottles of wine with food'
Her baby is 2 days older than my daughter so it is nice to have a conversation that doesn't start with "if your happy and you know it!"

She has been here for lunch before and with my love of cooking I have done some specky meals for us to dine on. But she mentioned she was going out to dinner that night so I decided to tone it down to a 'real' lunch.
Well of course this got me thinking...what is a normal lunch?

I mean at home it could be a sandwich or leftovers from dinner but you can't serve that to someone you like!
So I was thinking some soup would be a nice lunch but this never flies without some carbs to go with, buttery toast on the side, mmmm (real butter of course)

Well she *told* me it was a lovely lunch and sufficiently filling, which is good to hear!
So here it Curried Cauliflower Soup it is a staple in this house and is SUPER cheap to make!!
It also freezes well for future lunches.

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