Sunday, September 12, 2010

2 Guest Blogs coming soon....

We have a guest blogger coming soon!

Hopefully we can drag him away from his busy career to write two blogs.

Ricky Muller has a Bachelor of Science in Biodiversity and Conservaton from Flinders University.
He takes a keen interest in sustainable, organic farming practices such as using permaculture and biodynamic methods to improve and maintain agricultural soil condition.

One of his blogs is going to give us a life-cycle story which follows the journey of chemicals used in farming. He will describe the impacts of such practices to demonstrate how we end up ingesting them in ways we *hadn't* thought of as well as what these practices do to our land and the future of farming in this country.

Blog number two will be about the journey the chemicals we use in our homes and on our gardens take. He will discribe just where these chemicals end up and also look at how they end up on our plates!

I don't know about YOU but I can't wait to have a real example of how each of us contributes to our environment and our own food.
I will be nice to be able to understand how our choices affect ourselves and others - good or bad and know what we can do about it.
Stay tuned...

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