Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning - Part 1

I love the idea of spring cleaning but to be perfectly honest - I have never done the 'spring cleaning' you see in magazines. But doesn't it look wonderful?
Airing out the house, cleaning the veil of filth from winter, organizing your house to be fresh and clean....that's it! I am doing it this time!

I am a nutter of an organiser! I have been accused of some OCD tendancies so have what I think is the perfect spring cleaning system. I know, I know I said I haven't 'spring cleaned' before but I have done whole rooms before - just not in spring!

Spring Cleaning Room Guide

Try to look at the whole room and one room only.
Grab three baskets. Toss - Wrong Room - Charity
Get your cleaning gear ready. Vacuum - duster - damp cloth - bucket warm soapy water - paper towel - vinegar/water mix in spray bottle

Lounge/Dining/Family Rooms

1. Start at the ceiling
         - dust light fittings
         - dust ceiling for cobwebs or fluff
2. Look at each wall individually
         - wipe over any picture frames/mirrors/hangings, clean glass with vinegar and paper towel
         - clean light switches/power points with well wrung out cloth
         - clean architraves and skirting boards with damp cloth
         - remove and wash curtains or wipe over blinds with damp cloth
         - clean windows with vinegar and paper towel
3. Tackle each large item of furniture individually
         - remove any items from furniture, sort into boxes where necessary, or clean items and place aside
         - clean item of furniture with whatever necessary (vacuum/cloth/vinegar)
         - replace items to keep. Move to next piece of furniture
4. Flooring
         - vaccum any rugs and roll up
         - vaccum carpeting or mop hard floors
5. Finish off the baskets
         - take it to charity
         - put it in the room it belongs
         - throw it in the rubbish
6. Open up the windows and let the fresh air in!

Voila! See that wasn't so hard?!?

Next - bathroom - laundry

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