Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning - Part 2

Spring Cleaning Guide

Try to look at the whole room and one room at a time only.

Grab two baskets. Toss - Wrong Room - Put back away 
Get your cleaning gear ready. Vacuum - duster - damp cloth - bucket warm soapy water - paper towel - vinegar/water mix in spray bottle - multipurpose cleaner (such as EcoStore Products found in most supermarkets) - sponge with net cover


1. Start at the ceiling

          - dust light fittings
          - dust ceiling for cobwebs or fluff
          - wipe over cornices in wet areas with damp cloth
          - remove and clean any exhaust fans
2. Look at each wall individually
          - clean light switches/power points with well wrung out cloth
          - clean architraves and skirting boards with damp cloth
          - remove and wash curtains or wipe over blinds with damp cloth
          - clean windows with vinegar and paper towel
          - clean exterior of cupboards with cleaner and cloth
3. Tackle each fixture individually
          - remove any items from inside cupboards, sort into boxes where necessary, or clean items and  place outside room
          - clean inside cupboards with whatever necessary (cleaner/cloth) or
          - clean fixture with cleaner and sponge
          - Move to next fixture
4. Flooring
          - mop hard floors
5. Finish off the baskets
          - put it in the room it belongs
          - throw it in the rubbish
          - consider storage containers for small grouped items (e.g hair box, nails box, shaving box)
          - replace larger items in grouped usage (e.g beauty, suncream/mozzie, tissues and scenting, cleaning products, washing machine products)

6. Open up the windows and let the fresh air in!

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