Thursday, May 20, 2010


After watching Michael Pollan on Oprah, and pausing it many times to discuss things with Candice, we decided to take this scary and new journey together. We're only just starting out and looking into different ways to incorporate whole and organic foods in our lifestyle.

Many questions came up with my partner when we discussed it, as you can imagine.
How much more does this cost? Why is it better?
Well at this stage I don't know all the ins and outs. It does cost more (especially meat) but we're supposed to be eating a lot less meat than we do now. Non-Organic is worse because the meat is pumped full of antibiotics, steroids, feed the wrong foods, living like dolls on a shelf. Its really horrible and inhuman to see - we were upset and angry!!
One of my 360 turning points happened only the other week. Candice, Catherine (our younger sister) Natalie (Best-friend) and I went to a small rural market close by. It had only been open a couple of weeks. We looked around, the veggies weren't that crash hot but still fine, we veggie shopped for our babies dinners. Now at this market, eggs were for sale, I really wanted to try organic eggs. I love eggs! But I'm kind of intolerant to them, I get a really bad stomach ache for and hour or so. I've had this since I was about 15 and still give them a try every so often.
We spoke to the "egg guy" he was selling organic eggs. I saw pics of the chickens running around eating grass, scratching around. What I found out really shocked me, I didn't know that they gave chickens chemicals to make them lay eggs with a more yellow yolk!! Hey maybe this is what makes me sick!!?? Guess what, organic eggs DON'T make me SICK!!
Yeah there's a change a coming.....

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