Monday, May 17, 2010

AH-HA moment

After watching Oprah's "Food 101" episode with my sister the conversation we had was very exciting. We talked about how we never feel 'well'. I cannot remember a time where I physically felt like skipping down the street, mentally well, I have many days like this but the body just never feels like it is firing on all cylinders.
At 29 years old, this should not be the case! I should be able to look back at this time in my life and gush about how 'skinny I was back then' but if I feel this bad now I am scared at how much worse I will feel in the future.
Much of the conversation was about how our grandmother would have lived and the things we remember from our childhood. The standouts for me were that we didn't have softdrink in the fridge - in fact the only time soft drink was bought was for a party. I also remember that my grandma never counted calories, had full foods cooked in lard, ate full breakfasts of eggs or porridge, and baked cakes and pies FULL of sugar and butter. Yet I never saw any photos from the 50's, 60's, or 70's of my family or friends looking anything short of well, skinny.
We also lamented on the fact that neither one of us knows how to cook much from memory - yet we are both fantastic (if I do say so myself) 'recipe cooks'.
I just wonder what I am going to teach my daughter about food - what sort of culture am I going to impart on her? What is she going to think about when she looks back on her childhood?
Dads who have their 'man caves' have their projects which allow men to talk and bond - I have my kitchen!
Hmm, must think of a name...

Look out labels, I am on a mission...

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