Friday, May 21, 2010

Good meat is hard to find!

Wow 'organic' meat is a hard task to accomplish! You'd think finding beef which grew up eating grass like it is supposed to would be easy - well it isn't! The term 'free range' leaves soooo much room for interpretation it is crazy. Finally, I found a butcher which is all organic and certified so (This means there is an organisation which checks up on their operation so the consumer can be sure everything is what it says it is).
This lovely butcher is about 15kms from my house which means it will be about 25kms from my sister, so not the best location for the old "I think we'll have sausages for dinner tonight". Anyway we went, we saw, we liked - then we be *shocked* at the price! Well this is not to say everything was expensive for example the mince and sausages were about $3.00 more expensive than the supermarket and chickens were about $4.00 dearer, so all in all not bad for normal meals. Steak was the killer! It was almost double the price - my reaction at first was one of 'get stuffed' but after my initial reaction I decided the price 'should' dictate how much we 'should' be eating of each meat.
This is exactly what Michael Pollan was saying - we eat way too much meat.
The cheap prices of steak in the supermarket mean we could almost eat this way every night.
I also found myself being VERY cavalier with meats that I had purchased which sat in the fridge long enough not to be fit for human consumption - I would throw these out without so much as a blink!
Buying organic meat has made me realise how wasteful I am with cheap meat - which then makes me feel worse because those animals had a pretty crap, short life and I am also treating their life like crap by not respecting the produce.

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